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January 4, 1942

The Japs took advantage of the clouds today to stage a little raid. The clouds were quite low so the planes could not be observed, but we could hear them much better than usual. They circled over the island several times, and finally found an opening in the clouds. They dropped most of their bombs in the warehouse section on Bottomside. Hit a warehouse of miscellaneous supplies, and the shed on the dock. Both were burned. They also hit the chapel and caved in one side. Casualties very light—two dead, and three or four slightly wounded. Some bombs landed quite close to the tunnel today, but did no damage except to cut the power lines, which were immediately repaired. I understand that three Jap planes were shot down. They have been losing planes steadily since the beginning of the war but I don’t know the total. Had a very distressing report today on the status of subsistence in Bataan. For example: coffee 1 1⁄2 days; rice 21 days. I can’t understand it, as we have been shipping supplies over here for ten days. We should have stocks for at least three months in Bataan, but it now appears that about 60 days is the limit, and then only if we go on half rations. We are also in a bad way for ammunition. We had only 3 1⁄2 units of fire to begin with, and some of that has been expended.