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January 7, 1942

A beautiful sunrise this morning. This is one of the most magnificent settings imaginable, from a scenic point of view. Islands, mountains, sea, tropical foliage—one of the most pleasant peaceful scenes imaginable— except that the peace is rudely disturbed every day. No water this morning. The break in the mains yesterday had not yet been repaired. However, we did have breakfast, including one cup of coffee, and were not disturbed in the process. Today has been very quiet. Not a plane has been over the island—not even observation, to say nothing of bombers. Everyone wondering if the Japs are on a vacation, or if something worse has happened to them. No logical explanation has been advanced.

Our line is falling back from a line at Dinalupihan-Hermosa, and will soon be back of the Abucay position which I reconnoitered and established last January, little thinking that it would be put to real use so soon. The defense is to be established as I advocated last year, and recommended this year, with the 57th Infantry on the right and astride the road, covering the ground where the Japs are almost certain to advance. If the 57th fights as well as it is capable of fighting, the Japs will receive the surprise of their lives and will hesitate about attacking that particular place again. It is going to be very interesting to watch developments—from more than one point of view. Some Jap troops are being concentrated in vicinity of Samal north of Abucay in readiness for probable attack.