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Thursday, Jan. 8, 1942

After conferring with Overseer Ybiernas and Mr. Baltazar about the repair of the [illegible]-Marbel road, left for Malaybalay with Major Tiongson; Engrs. Morrow, Buensuceso, Aquino and Nery, stopping at Marbel to wait for Mr. O.T. Santos who went to Tuod to get cash for purchases in Cotabato. Brought Mr. Salazar up to the bunkhouse and pointed out to him portions of the road that should he repaired during my absence from the settlement. Also instructed Mr. Tiongson and Overseer Ybiernas to wage an extensive campaign among the settlers for increase production of subsistence crops like rice, corn, cowpeas, camotes, mongos, etc., in order to insure steady food supply for the Army.

Arrived Malaybalay at 10:30 p.m. Before reaching the town, learned that it had been subjected to heavy bombings in the morning and afternoon., It was said the casualties were heavy wit 21 persons killed and several others wounded.