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January 9, 1942

Another bombless day. Everyone is wondering what is keeping the Japs away for so long. They haven’t even bombed Bataan. However, I suppose they will save up their bombs so as to give us a good party when they begin again. They may start tomorrow, both here and in Bataan. The stage is all set. Our troops are in position, but not in contact on the Abucay position. Hostile troops have been moving in on that front, and some tanks were observed today. It is possible that a coordinated attack may be made tomorrow. I am rather curious to see them try it, for I am depending on the 57th to stop them completely. We have ample artillery to put up a good fight, if the troops are not demoralized by air attacks. However, they must stay in place and fight now, for there is no other place to go. I didn’t go to bed until 2:30 this morning, as I was on duty last night. About 1:00 a.m. the CAC reported large groups of ships moving north. These movements had been continuing since about 8:30. Gen. Moore (CAC) and Gen. King (Field Artillery) came in and we discussed the matter. Concluded that part of the Jap Navy was moving north for some reason. It might also be a convoy of transports but we didn’t think so. Artillery reported in action on Abucay front. Flashes can be seen and detonations heard from top of hill here. Probably counter battery firing.