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January 14, 1942

Seventeen offences punishable by death have been announced by the Japanese Commander-in-Chief. Some of them: rebellion, spreading false rumors, espionage, misguiding Japanese troops, stealing military equipment, looting, counterfeiting, harboring any one guilty of these crimes. Life isn’t worth a cent these days.

Informed the Japanese supervisor that plenty of tomatoes, radishes and other vegetables have not been harvested in Marikina, because the people have fled due to the presence of Japanese soldiers. Silayan wants to secure other people to harvest it.

Asked Dr. Vasquez to give me a triple injection: anti-cholera, dysentery and typhoid. Prevention or rather injection is better than cure.

The name of the Japanese Commander-in-Chief is Masaharu Homma. There is nothing said about him in the papers. The Japanese are very secretive.

My brother Philip arrived from Nueva Ecija. No peace and order in the provinces. Many abuses committed: rape, murder, torture, robbery.

Invited to a wedding. Why so many marriages these days? Misery loves company.

Well, it’s been another day.