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January 16, 1942

Even small details must be authorized by the Army. The Japanese are thorough, although stubborn-headed. Had to ask Mr. Noya to get the Army’s O.K. for the opening of the National Trading Corporation’s warehouse at 1010 Azcarraga to permit me, its acting manager, to secure the invoices which are needed to make the Corporation’s accounts up-to-date, and especially to close the books as of December 31.

Also requested Mr. Noya to secure the Army’s permit on the reopening of the NTC to resume its activities of selling foods and groceries to the public, inasmuch as very few stores are open at this time, and those which are open have very little stock and the prices being charged are exorbitant.

Couldn’t sleep. Walked till eleven at the tennis court. The evening is beautiful and the sky is full of stars. Prayed, prayed, prayed, as I strolled. There is something consoling about prayers. I remember having told this to a friend. And he asked: “Why, what do you pray?” “When I pray,” I replied, “I simply open my heart to the Lord.” With me, prayer is not the continuous repetition of a ready-made, formula-like exhortation. Prayer is a conversation, communion of creature and Creator. It is man asking his Maker to remember him.

I have often wondered: “What are the prayers of a whore?”