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January 20, 1942

HQ, Intelligence Service



Can’t go to Corregidor. Too much bombing. Jap planes flying above all day. Spent morning and afternoon in dug-out. Missed ‘brunch’ due to strafing. Movement of cars and trucks paralyzed. Planes dive at any moving object. No cooking because Japs might spot HQ due to smoke.

Transmitters from operatives in enemy-territory confirm presence of many newly arrived planes to intensify and accelerate Bataan offensive.

Bad news: several agents crossing Bay with transmitters apprehended by Jap patrol boats. Other bancas not noticed by Japs. The General will ask our mosquito boats to escort agents in future.

More bad news: Corpses of our ‘spies’ who crossed Bay from Camachili left by Japs in our beach defense. Bodies badly mangled, wrists tied with rope, bayonet wounds on stomach. One of the operatives was wearing Fred’s blue shirt.

When the General heard this report, he was very gloomy. He said: “Ours is a hard job. Espionage is the science of foul play. We are the eyes and ears of USAFFE. Spies are the soldiers of darkness. We shall honor those dead in our hearts. But we cannot publicly honor them –yet.”

Guerrero suggested arming operatives with grenades. “They can carry it in their pockets,” he explained. “In case they feel they have been spotted, the can throw it at Japs,” he pointed out.

One half of our officers are sick either with malaria or dysentery. Those of us who can still walk around must now do double work.

Prayed a lot during bombing. Fred said: “There are no Atheists in fox-holes.” I think that is a very deep statement.

Raid again. Lookout says “Hundreds of planes…”