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January 29, 1942

Here’s baloney for the cold stores: “The University of Santo Tomas,” according to the Tribune, “was bombed, clearly exposing the inhumanity of America.” I know Sto. Tomas was not bombed. Everybody knows that too. This type of propaganda does more harm than good to the Japanese.

Mr. S. Terada has been relieved by G. Nakaihima. Terada will leave for the provinces on an army mission.

Must call staff to discuss how to increase gradually the price of rice to dealers. The increase must be imperceptible. The price may be raised to ₱6.50 including sacks. Dr. Abes reported that  A. Abes had a nervous breakdown and that he would need about 2 or 3 weeks rest.

Noya informed me that the request for more fuel for trucks would take 2 or 3 weeks before the Army approves it. Red tape, that’s what it is! Must act on several things:

(1) Irrigation project must not be cut off. Call Fragante.

(2) Stop slaughter of carabaos. These animals are needed for work in the fields.

(3) Seeds must be saved for the planting season.

Must remember to ask Mr. Noya if he knows of any Japanese who can make straw bags out of rice straw. Sacks will be a major problem. Saw a little boy waving his fist at a sentry. Not even children…