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February 1, 1942

This is going to be a long war. Only an ostrich can think it will be short. This is a death-struggle between mighty nations involving millions of lives. Japan is staking everything. If she wins, she can mould the East, and perhaps the world, according to her dreams. If she is vanquished, she will be humbled to the category of a fourth-rate power, the disastrous culmination of 3,000 glorious years of legend and history. But whether Japan is victorious or defeated, one fact is clear amid the maze of historical cross-purposes: the emergence of Asia. The invincibility of the White Man has been shaken. Shadows have been cast on claims of Western altruism. India, for example, shall always stand as an issue of freedom. China, united by a common foe, shall rise greater from her wounds. And the spread of Russian influence over a reawakened Asia cannot be underestimated. The world may yet see a war of races. In our shores today, we see the tiny ripples. Someday it will swell into a devastating tidal wave.

Worried about the rice harvest. Issue strict orders for the paralyzation of transportation. Control must be enforced because of high prices; otherwise, abnormal prices will continue.

A ceiling price will be placed on all commodities, except palay and rice. NARIC will regulate it.

Only the NARIC will be allowed to transport palay and rice, it is planned.

Must study administration of mills.

NARIC will not handle the entire rice industry. Private transactions will be permitted, but it will be regulated.

Controlled economy will be enforced. The critical state of the national economy does not permit the free play of supply and demand. The masses will be at the mercy of unscrupulous hoarders. Equitable distribution can only be attained at present by controlled economy.

NARIC may distribute sugar. It will be the single selling agency. This means more work. Supply center will be Calamba, Canlubang. Agents caught cheating will be dealt with drastically.

Arrived home at supper time. My wife says I devote more time to my work than to my family.

Such is life with a wife.