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February 4, 1942 – Wednesday

I awoke at 7:20 a.m. It was too late to attend Mass, so I continued to sleep. I got up at 9 a.m., and found Manolo in the house arranging the food supplies received from the S.S. Legaspi. He told me that Captain Andres Soriano was in the tunnel. I saw Andres and we invited him to have an improvised luncheon with us. He ate voraciously. We again had supper together and he will spend the night with us at the house. He will go to Bataan tomorrow with me. After the dinner the President sent word that he wanted to converse with Soriano. They went to the tent while I went to USAFFE Headquarters to phone General Francisco regarding our trip tomorrow.

I returned home at 10 p.m.