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February 6, 1942

Col. T. Uzaki, head of the Army’s food division, together with six other Japanese, went to San Fernando and other towns accompanied by Julian Reyes, to survey the rice situation. Conditions in Pampanga are unsettled. Life is unsafe. There are many ghost towns. The people have fled to the mountains.

The Manila Railroad lines will probably be opened on February 10th up to San Fernando and transportation of freight will possibly commence on February 18th, according to the Japanese supervisor.

Must estimate quantity of palay available in Pampanga. Exact quantity must be known. The Army authorities may give NARIC permission to use railroad. Every inch of space in the cars must be utilized for cargo.

Ask Tanco to determine the daily capacity of mills in Pampanga.

A friend of mine told me to be careful. “The Japanese,” he explained, “have spies in every government office.” Only those who do wrong need be afraid.