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February 7, 1942

The Japanese may be slow but they are very thorough. With them, everything is planned. I noticed that when they arrived in my office, they had maps of the city of Manila. Our rice bodegas were marked in their maps with Japanese characters. They did not need guides to direct them to a place. They just used their maps. It is plan, plan, plan with them. I wonder what happens when things don’t work out according to plan.

Mr. Tani of the Industrial Department, Army Administration Building, requested me to give him the latest report on available food supplies and building materials.

Mr. Noya told me today: “From now on, we will wage a full campaign to purchase rice. Move at our best efficiency beginning Sunday.”

Must make arrangements for gasoline. Fuel will be very necessary in the rice purchases.

Send one NARIC representative to each province to find out who are those who need our help. Try to get police protection.

Organize a special body and send them to the provinces, to gather rice whose owners are not known. Guards may be needed.

The success of rice purchases is important. If it fails, the people will not have their main food.

On my way home, I noticed Japanese soldiers playing with little children. They seem to be fond of babies and flowers. Those soldiers probably have children too in Japan.

War may make soldiers act like brutes, but deep down, they are human. So very human.