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February 9, 1942

The provinces of Central Luzon are in turmoil. Gunmen in every corner. Killings every day. Banditry rampant. The Japanese are impatient, angry. They burn, kill, pillage in retaliation to attacks on their garrisons. Fields are razed to the ground. The harvest is reduced to ashes. Suspects are tortured. Many have fled to the mountains. Houses are abandoned. Such is the report of Sanchez, Ballesteros and Lorena, who have been sent to survey provincial conditions, to provide the NARIC with an idea of the obstacles confronting the procurement of rice.

There seems to be no coordination regarding the issuance of passes. A man wanted a pass from us but it was so delayed that he left without it. He obtained instead a pass from the military garrison in some municipality in Nueva Ecija. He brought the rice here, was given a truck pass in Balintawak and he sold the rice to others. These loopholes must be plugged. If there are exemptions, controlled economy cannot be a success. Control must be applied equally to everyone. If privileges are granted, the system will fail, because a black market will be created. The true import of the things I am forewarning, is not yet fully appreciated. Only time will justify my fears and determination to enforce the law strictly, without exemptions and privileges.

Saw a pair in a dokar. The boy looked around, thought nobody was looking at them, then two shadows blended into one. Stolen kisses have a strange enchantment. Ah! for the days of my youth.