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February 15, 1942

Today is my birthday. Worked as usual. No party at home. These are not days for celebration. It is outrageous to amuse oneself, while the country is at war.

Must eliminate inefficient employees. This is not the kind of work one wants to do on his birthday. It is very unpleasant.

Our stock of Burma rice No. 2 will be exhausted by Tuesday, February 17th. This pertained to our prewar stock. If Burma No. 1 or Macan No. 2 will be issued, prices should be revised. Current price is ₱6.50 per sack.

The trucks of the Batangas line are not available. The Japanese intend to commandeer other trucks.

Arrived home rather late. Was very tired. Had a good supper and before going to bed, the children sang: “Happy Birthday to you!”

There is no place like home.