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February 16th, Monday

We have lost 13 SPM (self propelled mounts, 75 mm guns); shows 13 lost in action and 9 destroyed to prevent capture, prior to getting into Bataan. I have noticed SPMs have three undesirable features: too high silhouette, insufficient protection in front, and rear idler sometimes throws track. These guns should be entirely mobile. However, experience shows that they must be properly dug in for protection. Otherwise an excellent piece of materiel. Routine bombing front and rear areas. Routine shelling from Cavite. Nip radio today claims cruiser Houston has been sunk Feb 4th with Admiral Hart aboard. The damned Nips have got a new propaganda program that does not help our morale any. The men joke happily but underneath they are disquieted. KZRH in Manila plays American songs to American soldiers on Bataan and Corregidor at 2145 hours every night. Theme song “Ships that never come in” followed by popular records. G-2 only able to get meager reports concerning enemy activity and troop concentration. Nips continue holding front lines loosely and with impunity knowing that unless we receive support we will not dare to extend our flanks by advancing,