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February 28, 1942

Well, last day of another month. How they fly. One time I said I expected we might start expecting help about March1st. Well, the help has arrived in Australia and Java –if our air & fleet activity down there is any indication. It seems that another big battle is going on right now. Bottom’s up to dome more Jap ships.

The “Legaspi” which I said was coming in the other day wasn’t the “Legaspi” –it was the El Cano –almost a sister ship– she came all the way from Mindanao –a surprise to practically all of us –a load of potatoes onions & other foodstuffs. Three cheers. Who says the Japs control the P.I. waters?

My story (Feb 17-18) of the trip to Bataan has been read by a bunch of the officers they all say I should make a monograph of it. Maybe I will.

By the way, the Japs from Manila are now playing the Anzac battle-marching song again –“We’re off to see the wizard –the wonderful Wizard of Oz”. The dizzy Japs don’t know the difference.