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March 5, 1942

“WILL DROP MAIL TO P.I. SOLDIERS” that is the Tribune’s headline this sunny Thursday morning. Says the announcement: “The Japanese Army will deliver the letters of relatives, sweethearts and friends to the Filipino soldiers in Bataan.” “Messages should he dropped.” continues the notice. “before 10 o’clock tomorrow morning in special boxes at the Heacock’s building.”

Why was this written in a newspaper? It should he included in the Philippine Library’s collection of fairy tales. A friend thinks it should be placed in a joke book.

Now that I am on the subject of jokes, here’s another. Three tramps were sitting on a bench in a park in Tokyo. One opened a newspaper and then said “Uh huh.” The other opened a magazine and then said “Uh huh.’’ The third stood nervously and after making sure no one else would overhear him remarked: “If you two fellows are going to discuss politics. I’ll leave you immediately.’’

I do not like those kind of jokes. I like colored jokes. Green ones.