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March 5, 1942

HQ, MIS, Bataan

Shared the guava jelly with her. We ate under a “cenniguela” tree. Told her story of the patrol activity and skirmish with Japs.

Two American soldiers visited a girl in the shack across the stream. We could hear them talking in broken Tagalog. She does not like Americans. “They think all girls are easy,” she said.

During my visit, Japs also visited from above. They dropped bombs near the HPD motor pool. She is a brave girl because she did not run for shelter. I felt like going inside the dug-out but I had to stay out myself. The American soldiers ran to the dug-out. I noticed one was limping and shell-shocked. Maybe he has had a bad experience. She laughed and said: “Look at him run.” She does not like Americans.

We sat on the grass till it was dark. She talked to me about her boy friend from San Beda who went to America to study engineering.

I told her I had no girl friend ever in my life. I lied.

She said she knew I was not telling the truth. “You are not the type not to have a girl friend,” she said.

When it was getting dark she laid on the grass because she said she wanted to stretch herself.

She was beautiful lying there on the grass with her short pants and her bare knees and feet. Her feet were well-formed, nicely arched and rosy around the heels.

I sat beside her and she asked me if I knew how to sing popular songs and I said I did not.

I told her to use my thigh as a pillow. “The blood will go to your head and you will be dizzy,” I explained.

She said thank you and she rested her head on my thigh. She looked nicer when she was closer to me and I could feel the warmth of her neck. My heart started to beat fast, I don’t know why.

She remarked: “I have met you only two times and yet I feel that I have me you a long time ago.”

I asked her if she did not mind the fact that the pants of my uniform were very dirty and covered with dust.

She said she did not and she offered to wash my clothes for me. “Just send them over or better bring them. Anyway I have nothing to do,” she stated.

I told her I would visit her again tomorrow as I was on leave for a week. Then she suddenly lifted her head and said: “Don’t tell me I’ve been resting my head on your wounded thigh.”

I said it was on the other side and that even if it was on the injury I would not mind.

She said that I did not mean what I was saying and she smiled.

I like the way she smiles. I also like her legs.