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March 14, 1942

I have word that Gen. MacArthur and party arrived safely at Destination. However, plans miscarried. They were to have continued last night but missed connections. Have been burning up the wires to Australia all day trying to find out what was wrong. It will be several days now before they can get away. Also, President Quezon is pressing me for information which I can’t give him, and the War Department is directing me to do things which I can’t carry out under the instructions I received from Gen. MacArthur. I was supposed to act directly under Gen. MacArthur here, and issue orders in his name as Deputy Chief of Staff. Apparently the War Department doesn’t understand this set up. At any rate they don’t know that Gen. MacArthur isn’t here, and I can’t do business directly with the War Department. I am sending a radio to Gen. MacArthur today to try to clear this up.