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March 22, 1942

Had a showdown with the Supervisor. There is nothing like talking frankly. I told him I wanted to know just where I stood. If I am Manager, I want to manage. Otherwise don’t call me manager.

We agreed on these things: (1) That the whole office is under my responsibility. He (Noya) is only an adviser. (2) That he (Noya) will be the chief of the General Service Department. (3) That all decisions of the department chiefs, including those of the Japanese, must be approved by me. (4) That the main objective of the corporation at present is to insure the people’s food supply. Towards this end, we shall presently exert our utmost to save the crop in the fields from spoiling.

Noya revealed that almost all plans of the NARIC have already been approved by the Army. He also stated that the ₱600,000 for this month is forthcoming.

It is clear that I have the responsibility. Shall I have the authority commensurate with it?

Man is not always guided by reason and justice.