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March 22, 1942 – Sunday

Attended mass in the Church of Dansalan. A new wooden building beautifully built and immaculately clean. It was a pleasure to sit inside and pray. There was a serene atmosphere that invited devotion. The church was that of a Jesuit (Father Wright) but a feminine touch was evident. The Franciscan Missionary of Mary have a small unit attending to a clinic and they help to keep the church clean. After mass I visited the Sisters and had a long chat.

After luncheon I motored to Momunian where General Fort has his C.P. I talked to the officers who gave me a description of their defense plan. Then I motored to Maria Cristina falls and then returned to Dansalan.

Left Camp Keithley 7:30 a.m. Arrived at Del Monte Bukidnon 3:45 p.m. Long, tedious and tiresome trip because the President’s car which led the convoy was going only at 15 kilometers per hour.