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March 23, 1942 – Monday

Got up at 8 a.m. At 9 a.m. the air raid alarm was sounded. Three planes flew over our camp headed North. Apparently they believe this camp has been abandoned as they did not change their course.

Shortly after the alarm was sounded Mr. Crawford the manager of Del Monte Pineapple Corporation rushed into the house occupied by the President and his family and took them away, on the grounds that the camp was dangerous. This he did without the knowledge of General Sharp. Absurd. He took them to his house which he built 5 kilometers away from the camp.

I worked all day arranging my files of telegrams so as to reduce weight.

Note: I overlooked writing in yesterday’s diary that upon my request Major Soriano spoke to the President regarding my trip, and expressed my points of view. The President answered that he will take me with him to Australia so that I can be with General MacArthur. He believes that it will be hard for me to remain in Mindanao or Cebu as the Commanding Generals are only Brigadier Generals. He added that in view of my rank and position I would be better with General MacArthur where I could observe and study his plan for the offensive. Later I spoke with the President and he reiterated what he had told Soriano.