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March 25, 1942

Judging from the movement of troops, tanks and artillery guns, and from the waves of winged motors, the campaign against Bataan is going to take on gigantic proportions. It will not only be an offensive campaign but also a decisive one. According to Radio San Francisco, General Yamashita, conqueror of Singapore who is directing this campaign, has sent an ultimatum to General Wainwright, new USAFFE Chief, giving him the alternative either to surrender—in which case he would be treated in accordance with international law—or to see his defenses pulverized and his troops annihilated.

Towards evening in the crepuscular horizon, we witnessed a squadron of bombers silver-plated by the rays of the setting sun, flying towards Corregidor, we saw huge columns of smoke rising from the island. It was the first time we saw very distinctly such a spectacle.