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March 27, 1942

For five consecutive days now, seven planes have been flying in the same formation and at very high altitude. People believe they are American planes. They even said that they dropped leaflets, though no one can give me any information as to the contents of the leaflets.

A press dispatch from Stockholm stated that according to a BBC report, Japanese bombers heavily punished Corregidor for six hours. Incredible. In order to find out what is happening at the other side of the Manila Bay we have to rely on information from Stockholm.

Radio Bataan confirmed the bombardment, adding, however, that the damages on military installations were light. The newspapers simply reported that “they caused damage on military installations.”

The Japanese High Command in Manila never issued bulletins about their activities. The USAFFE did not stop issuing press releases even when it had nothing to say. The sources of our information are San Francisco and London, since Radio Tokyo also keeps silent about the official affairs of the government.