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March 28, 1942

News release—announced over KGEI in San Francisco last night— stated that President Quezon and his party arrived in Australia yesterday. I thought we might hear from them today, but nothing came through. It was a relief to know that they got through safely. A long radio from Gen. Marshall (George C.) this morning assured Gen. Wainwright that they— in Washington—would do everything possible to relieve the situation here. It was a very fine message. Gen. Wainwright went over to Bataan today for an inspection trip and conference at Gen. King’s Hq. I remained here. Outside of a few more or less routine matters nothing of importance came up. The raids don’t bother us much these days, as the Japs aren’t dropping so many bombs. They keep their planes in the air for long periods of time, but don’t come over Corregidor often—it is too dangerous for them.