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March 30, 1942

Nakamura gave the girl garden detail a talk on useless American women yesterday. He must have been watching some of the women in here for many of them spend hours on their makeup. It seems very out-of-place, poor taste, if not vapid. I for one cannot keep on looking like the Queen of Sheba while emptying garbage. One of the girls who waits on the table can be seen curling her eyelashes at 4 A.M.

Most of all the Japanese abhor buying milk for babies and think our women are no good at all because they cannot or won’t nurse their children. They feel that no woman should enjoy herself without her child, therefore a baby should never be left on the bed or in another person’s care while the mother commingles. A guard tried to get Mrs. C. to take Penny to the court. He took Donald away from the girl who was taking care of him, out to his mother on the court. He is probably a simple, hard-working peasant whose wife takes her baby into the field with her when she works or into the park on Sunday, on her back. Naturally they think we don’t do anything but attend to makeup from what they have observed ol white women in the Orient. To them we are just a bunch of ‘organizers getting someone to do our work for us.