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March 30, 1942 – Monday

Arrived in Melbourne at 9 a.m. We were met at the station by General & Mrs. MacArthur and his staff. The President and members of his family were conducted to the home of Mr. Norman Myer a wealthy Australian businessman, and we were taken to the Chevron Hotel, a neat and quiet place full of old and unattractive women. We were told that the U.S. Army had commandeered this hotel and that beginning April 4th there would be no more civilians. I have room 14. After I had installed my things in my room, I went with Joe McMicking to purchase a sweater and order some warm clothing. It is quite chilly. Joe invited Vice-President Osmeña and I to lunch at the Menzies Hotel. Nice place – good food. General MacArthur and his staff live there.