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April 1, 1942

Wednesday Off Alasasin Pt.

I’m getting very lax about my log writing. I’1l have to watch my step or I’ll be falling way behind.

First, I’ll give the number of bombers overhead today. There were 12 in groups of 3 during daylight and 3 single planes during moonlight. Judging from that you can see that the pressure has been relaxed somewhat. Hence, we played a few hands of “Hearts”.

Information was received that the Japs have been forced so high by our AA fire that they are using oxygen. They actually are up over 27000 feet. That’s something. Everytime they come below that, they are peppered.

Now for this business of securing the engineering plant. When we have the radio guard we run the kerosene generator and supply enough electricity for the radio, charging batteries, and 2 ice boxes. We have 50 gallon drums of water set around the ship for use in case of fire. We flush the heads with buckets of water. ie keep steam in the boiler but let the pressure drop to 75 lbs. per square inch before we light the fires. The only thing we’re using the steam for, is cooking. On the other hand, we find it inadvisable to have a cold boiler. At the present fuel consumption we can probably last another 5 or 6 months and if help is not here by then we won’t give much of a damn anyway.

All my love. It grieves me that my daughter is growing up without me – damn the luck.