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8 April 1942

0215 One friendly plane landed, and took off again at 0410.

0225 Night air attack on front lines.

0430 – 0510 Cabcaben and Mariveles Air Field bombed by two planes.

0635 – 0810 Friendly planes took off.

0839 – 1810 Twenty air attacks by groups of 2 – 16 planes on CANOPUS (twice), Cabcaben, ships, in Sisimon Cove, Section Base, front lines and reserve positions. Bombs missed CANOPUS but did some damage on shore near by.

1000 – 1300 Conferred with Com16 on Corregidor discussing front line situation. Received verbal orders to keep personnel in Bataan.

1905 Artillery on Corregidor started firing at regular intervals. Said to be interdiction fire laid down in vicinity of Bataan air field to keep Japs from using roads.

1930 Received word from Army sources that front line situation was very bad.

2145 Army started demolition of equipment and supplies in vicinity.

2230 Received telephone instructions from Com16 to proceed with demolition of Naval vessels at Mariveles and shore installations and equipment near by, and evacuate white personnel to Corregidor with small arms, ammunition, provisions, personal effects, etc.

Called all hands and put into effect previously prepared plan for demolition and evacuation.

One submarine near channel during the night taking passengers from Corregidor.