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April 8th, Wednesday

The army cannot attack. It is impossible. Area is congested with stragglers. I tried to go up the east road and was unable to drive because of the overturned trucks and struggling men, moving to the rear areas. With observation from balloons and from Mount Samat, the Nips are beginning to drop shells into the hospital area. General King has ordered all tanks, ammunition, and arms destroyed, and is going forward to contact the Japanese and try to avert a massacre. The main ammunition dump is 800 yards from GHQ. It is blowing up and showering GHQ with shell casings.I have never heard such terrific explosions before. Our CP is being rained with shell fragments and shells splash in the air. There were 2 earthquakes tonight and in the morning our overhead cover was gone and there are empty shell cases all over the camp. It is miraculous we came through this.