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Wednesday April 8, 1942

Things don’t look good at all — that is they just look worse. News from up front is that most sections are in a confused withdrawal. Shelling and bombing and superior man-power have us over a barrel. I feel like a slacker being here but am too weak to do much but stay. We had a couple of close bombings today and it is getting so everyone runs at the sound of a plane. I try to lay on my bunk and be calm as much as possible. A re-organization of the lines is going on. What results will come I don’t know. The malnutrition cases and malarla continue to come in. The boys just haven’t any reserve to stay with them thru a tough siege. If I can’t do anything else I can carry bed pans here. I feel absolutely helpless and no good. These Filipinos with arms and legs off just lie and take it. I’m going to too. I’m afraid the end is not far off. Help is a thing that is almost too late. Lots of air support would have to come with it and within 48 hours. Them’s my sentiments.