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Morning of April 11, 1942

Started North on our own. Bill my Striker along. Gave me some Quinine. Road congested (Ped. Civ. and Mil.) Trucks and artillery persecution. Arrival at Lemay [Limay], after attempt short cut. Water! Pappy and myself get can corned beef. Mayor of Belanga [Balanga] there. Gave us cup of coffee. Continued march to Lemao [Limay]. Stopped in school yard (herded) met officer G.2 Sect Jap Army. He tells of Nipponese successes. Promised to come see me Concentration Camp in Manila. Ate last food (can of potted meat) split with Pappy. Left Lemou [Limay] by truck 2PM detrucked at Balanga [Balanga], promised food. Troubles began. Lined up and given shake down. Pistols found. No food or water. Forced back on road to continue march. First glimpse of Gen Jones. Lead column out (“Ray O Day”) a general breakdown of morale and discipline. Many crazed with disease and lack of water. Arrived late at night at Orion. Marched into small area in column. Forced to close up. A fantastic and nightmarish night including hunger, thirst, prowlers and mur.