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April 13, 1942

Corregidor, for three days now, has been under a hail of bombs and mortar shells from the coasts of Bataan and Cavite. Its searchlights continuously scour the waters and the beaches at night.

The propaganda organ printed a vilification campaign against the surrendering American forces. It alleged that the Filipino soldiers carried all the weight of battle while the Americans sought shelter and sat back comfortably behind the lines. It added that the captured Filipinos are famished, worn out and bare footed. However, in the same page of the newspaper, there appeared a picture captioned, “Captured Filipino” which clearly showed that the Filipinos had their shoes on. I wonder if the shoes were given them by the captors.

A report from Domei added color to the news. It mentioned the barbarism of the Americans. According to the report, the Filipinos had to fight in the most dangerous battles, while they lacked food supplies.