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April 14, 1942

Tuesday Ft. Hughes

Nothing much doing today either. Went up to the top of the hill to Battery Gillispie after dinner to look at the sunset. During the day we ran for cover every time we saw that goddam observation balloon go up over at Cabcaben. I think the use of that damn thing should be broadcast at home so everyone would know just how much aerial support we have. They start shooting at us when it goes up. Never before have I wanted to call it quits. God, I wish I could be with my family. I suppose it’s only natural to have this let-down after 4 months of continuous strain within 20 miles of the Japs at all times. No one has been more in the front lines than I have. Now I feel the need of a rest, just as all the rest of our men. I suddenly came to the realization today that I’m the only member of my whole class in this Corregidor mess. Needless to say, I think of you and the baby more than ever, Honoria, darling.