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April 14, 1942

Reports about the desolation of all the towns of Bataan abound. Not a house, building or church remains standing. Everything has been pulverized by deadly fires from both sides. The inhabitants who escaped death, sickness and bullets are starting to come out from their hide-outs in the mountains, looking squalid and ragged after three months of a miserable life.

Cebu, the historic and most ancient city of the Philippines and the second in the number of inhabitants, in commerce and culture, is almost reduced to ashes.

The controlled press attributed this barbarian destruction to the retreating USAFFE forces. The Fil-American troops, however, fought very hard before retreating to the mountains.

According to Radio San Francisco, Corregidor is still being pounded on with 24-hours raids in these past two days. Waves of bombers flow in almost uninterruptedly. It is said that the anti-aircraft guns had shot down 32 enemy planes.

And finally, Radio Corregidor, which we used to call Radio Bataan, was also shot down—perhaps by gunfire or bombings.