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April 17, 1942

Friday Ft. Hughes

This morning they bombed us again, killing 2 men and injuring 6. Bombs fell all over the flat end of the island. All small boats were wrecked yesterday except one. Our NAD launch and white pan were made into scraps and kindling – absolutely unsalvageable. And speaking of salvage. Damn if the Japs haven’t salvaged all the ships in Manila harbor already. We fired 20 more rounds today and stirred up the dust some more. It’s almost unbearable. We breath it and if our skipper has his way we’ll be eating it in this damn galley, The bombing today drove a couple more OAHU men into the tunnel this morning and we’re stumbling all over them. I’m afraid, however, that we’ll play hell prying them out of the tunnel. Last night someone contributed a bottle of lime juice to the “cocktail group” and they all got royally looped. I have yet to partake. I certainly wish I could get away from this filth for awhile. I’d be perfectly willing to live unmolested on the ship – I’d be quite happy and-so-far-safe. The disorganization here is still terrific and no one seems to be doing anything about it. I could write a book! All my love, darlings – you’ll never know how much I’d give to be with you.