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April 18, 1942

This has been an extremely peaceful day. The Japs sent over two small attacks of bombers, but dropped very few bombs. There has been no hostile artillery fire as far as I can learn. It was quite a treat to stand around in the open and smoke a cigarette in peace without fear of having a bomb or shell drop down your neck. We have started our own news service since the UP and AP correspondents left for Australia. Send in a story to the W.D. each day. We are trying to get a big seaplane up here so we can ferry personnel and supplies between here and Mindanao. The field here is so small that a big plane can’t land on it. We can’t do a great deal of ferrying because we only have 35,000 gallons of gas left in Mindanao. We are trying to devise some means of getting more gas up here from Australia. I guess Panay is about ready to be wiped off the slate along with Cebu. Japs have landed at several points and seem to be making good progress. Things have been unusually quiet in the office today. Report Tokyo was bombed.