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April 19, 1942

Armed robberies in band are increasing at an alarming rate, not only in the provinces where lootings followed by burnings and killings have become the order of the day since the defeat of the USAFFE, but even in the capital, where the Japanese-Filipino police are keeping watch and are punishing the culprits with an iron hand. Thieves are increasing in number, either due to hunger and unemployment or due to the influence of bad examples. Military installations and warehouses are not spared from such lootings, while houses in isolated places are in constant danger.

Two nights ago, nine armed and masked men robbed the Santa Catalina Dormitory near the new University. They poked their guns at the sisters and the chaplain, demanding money. One of the sisters was hit, escaping by jumping from the window, shouting at the top of her voice. The neighbours came and the holduppers fled. The internees were alarmed, and kept watch for the rest of the night.