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April 20, 1942

Capt Calvert and Lt Murphy are reported to have escaped from within the enemy lines and are now enroute north to join us. Thanks heavens they were neither captured nor killed. I could never look Rilla Calvert in the face again if I felt that I was even indirectly the cause of the Cpt’s death by letting him try to get thru the lines to the USAFFE. Capt Jacobs and two Amer soldiers reported in on the 10th at Jones. He has been directed to report to me as our surgeon. Maj Fellows, Lt Simpson and eleven WPPS boys are believed to have gotten thru to USAFFE. So are Lt. Jensen, Lt. Gasperini and five Amer. soldiers. Nothing has been heard from Major Allen and his foureten Amer QMC soldiers. Nor from Lt. Justo and his one Amer soldier. All the rest are accounted for. Heard over the radio that an America force near Natividad, Pang. had attacked the Japanese in that area. Am trying to finish my work here today.