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May 1st, 1942

This is a heck of a May Day. Last night we learned that a large Japanese force was moving east from Lagangilang toward Balbaang, probably got there yesterday. This is only about 36 miles from here. With one half of Co A, 43rd Inf (PS) at Nanning and one half at Balbalan we will probably not be able to hold them back so very long. It is not numers that worry us so much as it is our woeful lack of ammunition. Guess we will have to take the 43rd Inf. to the hills and try to hole in for the rainy season. The 121st organization is so scattered that I will have very little control over what it does. That will be up to each og the Bn. of Co Cmdrs. Do not know whether or not I will ever make another entry in the diary, or whether I can keep it.

[Diary ends here.]