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April 26-May 4, 1942

Chaplain Wilcox desk outside civilian lateral. Playing 500 Punimy with Helen Hennessy, Catherine Nan. Conrado, little Filipino boy from Mariveles Miss Nan’s charge. Walking to main tunnel to QMC Col. Elms to Finance office.
Sitting outside under camouflage before things got too bad. Then standing with crowd just inside entrance for fresh air. Crowd quickly getting in when air raid warning was sounded or when shelling began. Red light for air
raid warning. Men sleeping everywhere in dimly lighted tunnel. In bunks on either side of main lateral, on top of shelf or on floor, USAFFE mess at entrance wondering who will be on list go to Australia. The excitement & goodbyes they left by plane April 29 & by submarine May 4. Would any more go? Rumor had it that a sub would take remaining nurses. But bombing & shelling became much worse. It seemed as though the planes were over us most of the time. You could hear the awfull chumpery of the bombs dropping. Many casualties came in.