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May 6, 1942

Wednesday Ft. Hughes

As the day commenced we were throwing 12″ shells toward Manila Bay & Bataan. We remained on the alert until 2 a.m. and then they told us the crisis was over and that the Corregidor troops were mopping up the few who had landed. At 0530 we were called again and resumed the fire. This time we were told that the Japanese had definitely landed on Corregidor in considerable force. We could hear rifle fire all morning near Monkey Pt., Corregidor and all morning the heavy and dive bombers dropped load after load on us. We lost communications with Ft. Mills and at noon noted that they had hauled down the ensign and a white flag was flying. Earlier we noted Ft. Drum doing the same and destroying her turrets. Therefore we ran up a white flag and ran around destroying all our ensigns. During the morning’s bombing, J. W. DOWNEY, RMBC, and R. J. SHEA, EM3C, were
killed – the first from the MINDANAO. I felt awful. The bombing continued until 7 P.M. and more damage was done to the fort today than during the whole of the war to date. I managed to be in the right tunnels and foxholes at the right time. After dark I went to the burial of Downey and conducted short service during which I broke down
and cried. 1 felt awful – to lose my first man 2 hours before surrender. I slept in the mortar pit at night because someone had occupied my bunk in my absence. at 11 I was aroused by gunfire on Corregidor — the Nipponese were laying down a barrage. At 1130 I suddenly heard one whistling my way and as the second one came my way I ran like hell for the casemate.