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May 7, 1942

I was sick all last night and most of today. However, I am better this evening. I was to have gone down to Mindanao in a Japanese plane today to insure that Sharp surrendered, but was too sick to go. Instead, Gen. W. sent Traywick and Pilet. They were given a letter to Sharp instructing him to surrender, and armed with blanket authority to take such action as might be necessary to ensure compliance. Also, Galbraith was sent to find Horan, and Kalakuka to find Nakar to direct them to surrender. Gen. W. and his aide went to Manila today, where he is to broadcast instructions to Sharp and the others telling them to surrender. He expects to return tonight. I could not go because I was too sick. Some of the officers were taken outside for questioning on various matters by the Japanese Military Intelligence. I have not been questioned yet—probably due to the fact that I have been confined to my bed all day. They have served nothing for us to eat as yet, but fortunately I am not hungry.