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May 8, 1942

Friday Ft. Hughes

They got us up at daylight — but there was no breakfast. The working parties started out early. Our worst need is still water and it’s making the men almost wild. There are 732 of our men and 42 of our officers here. We had a casual inspection of our gear during which nothing was touched or taken. The treatment has been even better today and the men have learned that they will get plenty of food and drink if they will go on Working parties for the Japanese. With the exception of one son-of-a-bitch (which is to be expected in any group) the soldiers have been most kind. We were given a can of corned beef at noon. We saved it to eat later to eat with the small amount of food (tomatoes, peas, Type C rations) that we had been able to beg, borrow, steal and exchange. In the afternoon I gave a Japanese soldier a reading lesson. He was quite a willing student. Worthington had a Jap take a fountain pen from him but insisted on giving him something for it. Bob settled for 2 cans of tomatoes, The soldier said he was sorry Japan was fighting U.S. We agree. Tonight I slept on the bowling alley and it was no better — I just didn’t fit. Everybody was well taken care of today.