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May 9, 1942 – Saturday

Arrived San Francisco Harbor 7 a.m. Colonel Stillinger U.S. Army and a commander were sent by the War and Navy Departments, to be the Military and Naval aides of President Quezon. Courtesies of the post having been extended to us we landed at 9 a.m. Lieutenant General De Witt, a Brigadier General and an Admiral met us at the pier and escorted the President to the Hotel where the President and his family and members of his party were lodged at the expense of the U.S. Government.

At 11 a.m. went out with Dr. Geiger to shop. Had luncheon at 2:30 p.m. Benny was granted permission by his employer to spend the day with me. After luncheon I went to Dr. Geiger’s office to meet Mrs. Geiger. Then drove to San Rafael to Benny’s house to visit Sophie and his wife and little five month old baby son. Returned to San Francisco at 6 p.m. Had dinner with Jim and Beryl. Delightful evening.