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May 10, 1942

We were taken down to the barrio market again today for questioning— seventeen of us on the USFIP staff. This time the questioning was done by a younger officer—probably a member of the G-2 section. I was taken first and questioned at some length about the strength of troops on Mindanao and the Visayan. Also general questions about organization of the P.A., topography of the P.I., resources, etc. After he finished with me I was sent back to the tunnel. Apparently he did not question the others much as they returned soon after I did. This afternoon a note arrived from Col. Pugh for Maj. Lawrence asking him to bring the baggage over for the General and his group. I asked the interpreter to see if it could be arranged for me to be with them as I should be with Gen. W. He said he would try to arrange it, and told me later that it was arranged for me to go. A little later it was announced that all remaining officers would be sent to the camp after our party left.