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May 9-10, 1942

On May 9 Japanese put note in Japanese writing on curtain of nurses lateral evidently saying to “keep out” but still Japanese would came in and at night also would look around. So on May 10 another note went up. This was more effectual.

Japanese soldiers would sometimes give cans of peaches to Filipino nurses. Some to be for Amer. also. They seemed to want to make friends with Filipino nurses.

We had to fill out papers. “What sports do you like?” What do you think of the war? What are you thinking.” “Where is your home”. “What sports do you like? What do you want to do now”, & many others. Reporters frequently called Miss Davis & other nurses for interviews.

Our food consisted of cracked wheat, which was supposed to have gone to China “From the Amer. Red Cross”, but was waylayed on account of war, rice, corned beef hash, tomatoes, coffee made from cracked wheat. Some
rolls one a piece once a day. Later we got milk for our cereal for breakfast. But two meals a day & later soup, at noon kept us hungry all of the time. The corned beef was mixed with cracked wheat for supper. We had no milk fruit, vegetable or coffee. Rice tomatoes & water completed the evening meal. Sometimes we each a roll. There was still corned beef hash in the Q.M. lateral as we discovered when we looted but somehow over diet department could not get the Japanese to hand any over.