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Sunday, May 10, 1942

After the meeting Bilaan Datu Saluk arrived and I talked to him about our plans of defense against the Moro aggressors. I advised him on patrol work and light signals. I also ordered from him as many bows and arrows and spears as he could have made for us. He promised full cooperation with us at all times. I also had occasion to talk with another friendly Moro, Datu Dading, who promised me he and his men would patrol and guard over the Palian area.

At 4 p.m. I made ready to leave for Polomolok, but before leaving I instructed Overseer Laurel to call for a meeting of all the settlers of the Tupi poblacion in an hour within which time I expect to be back from Polomolok.

In Polomolok I conferred briefly with Overseer Jimenez about the Moro situation. Since there was less of a Moro menace in his district than in either Marbel or Norala I asked him to gather as many shotguns as there were in the district and send some to Norala and Marbel. I sent for Radio Operator Canza and directed him to contact any USAFFE Radio Station advising General Vachon or CPY of the lawless Moro activities in the province and of the fact that there was no PC officers and men left to maintain law and order.

I returned to Tupi and forthwith met with the settlers who had already been gathered at my quarters. I apprised them of the situation as described to me by evacuees from other towns laid prey to Moro depredations. I told the settlers that there were no police left to defend us and so we had to make ready to defend ourselves. I said it would be impossible to gather enough shotguns and rifles, but that we would arm ourselves with boloes, spears, bows and arrows, and indomitable courage. I enjoined then men to sharpen their boloes and start making spears even from buho. I told them that if the Moros try to invade our settlement itself, we shall not wait for them to actually do so, but will carry the war to them. I told them that if necessary we would gather willing men from Lagao, Polomolok, Tupi, Marbel, Banga and Norala and together we would go on horseback or on foot to Tacurong, Buluan, etc. with arms, food and even doctors and nurses. I noticed that the morale of the men was high and that they were determined to protect their lives and property at all cost.

Upon arriving in Banga I found Supervising Overseer Larrabaster with Messrs. Been and Malinao of Tacurong waiting for me. The 2 gentlemen brought more reports of Moro attacks and came to ask me me whether they could bring their families into the NLSA reservation. I told them to return to Tacurong as soon as they could and lose no time in bringing their families here. Also told them to advise the other Christians there to evacuate here. They informed me that Captain Javelosa may still be in Magnoy, and I asked them to try to contact him and ask him to come to Norala with his men to help us defend the place. Messrs. Been and Malinao left soon after to get their families.