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Tuesday, May 12, 1942

As I was leaving for Banga, Supervising Overseer Larrabaster showed me the defense plans which he had drawn for the Poblacion of Norala in case of an actual Moro attack. The plan was made in consultation with the leaders of the evacuees, and I think that if they carry out the trench work and barbed wire fencing as described in the plans, the bandits would have little chance of inflicting injury to our population.

Returned to Banga, arriving here shortly before lunch. Immediately thereafter Mr. Buensuceso arrived with the report that the situation in Barrio 5 was not alarming and that previous reports we had been receiving were a bit exaggerated. He informed me that he believed Assistant Overseer Hizon was unduly alarmed by these reports and that he was inspiring fear among his settlers. I directed Mr. Morrow, who was present to go himself to Marbel in the afternoon and if he thinks it for the good of all to relieve Assistant Overseer Hizon and place Assistant Overseer Datu of Tupi there temporarily. Mr. Buensuceso had two other men with him who turned out to be men of Captain Olivares. They had come from the hideout of the Captain to carry out a mission at Klinan. I took the chance of writing Captain Olivares to tell him about the Moro atrocities being committed in the province and to ask him whether it was not part of his duty also as a PC officer to maintain peace and order in the province and protect defenseless civilians from hostile Moro groups. I told him that if he saw his way clear to doing it that he return here and help us wipe out these Moros. I also apprised him of the inconfirmed report of the surrender of General Sharp.

After luncheon I had a brief talk with Datu Bagumbayan and a few Moros who were with him. He promised to do his best along helping us curtail further activities of these Moro criminals.

Had a good afternoon rest, after which I paid a call on Dr. Velasquez of the Health Service who was staying with his family in the house of Mr. O.T. Santos after having narrowly escaped death from a Moro attack on his place.

At 5 p.m. I held a meeting with the settlers. I pictures to them the effects of Moro ruthless-ness in other districts and explained that these successful attacks were made possible by the lack of organized resistance among the scattered Christian homeseekers therein. I described to them our own system of defense and explained the meaning of guard duty and why it is important that we adopt the military system of guard duty. All the lieutenants of barrios, and the sub-lieutenants were present, and all agreed that they would abide by the rules and regulations that may be promulgated by the Administration for the defense of the Poblacion and the other barrios of Banga.