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May 15, 1942

Old Mr. Walters died yesterday, Expressed my heartfelt condolence to Mrs. Walters on her bereavement.

Kalowa, Burma, occupied by Japanese forces.

A Japanese soldier entered Gabriel’s house and he shamelessly told Gabriel: “How about introducing me to your daughters?” Gabriel replied in a very stern, angry manner: “If that is your custom in Japan, that is not our custom here.”

Edwin Andres is reported somewhere in the mountains of Mindanao. He refused to surrender.

A Japanese officer hurriedly left his car at the Escolta. Told his chauffeur to stay in the car. In a few minutes, he came back. He was looking for his bag. The chauffeur could not explain where it was. The Japanese took his pistol. Shot the chauffeur and then shot himself. I wonder what was in that bag.